Warning scale "" is not valid on object

Hey there,

I’m having a weird error/warning which messes up my system. I’m creating a Fully dynamic death cam to detect a location with rotation to look at the death with nothing blocking the view, which is working.
But now i’m getting a very weird warning, even though i’m not setting scale on any object at all.

Log: Cmd: TRANSACTION UNDOLogEditorTransaction: Undo Create Pin LinkLogD3D11RHI: In - Pastebin.com

So the Enemy5, Hello, Location print strings is the location of the enemy. and showing that it’s working. Now then suddenly, always randomly it starts giving me these errors which places my camera at the complete wrong location with rotation.
Does anybody know why this is doing it? I can’t really give out my blueprints but if you need info i can try to explain a bit.



Everytime this happens the print string location gets printed out, but it’s X=-1.#IO Y=-1.#IO Z=-1.#IO
instead of the location. Maybe that has to do with it.

Were you able to figure this out? I am having a similar warning.

Nope, updated to 4.9 and it got fixed.

Its happening to me in 4.10.2…maybe the next version will fix it for me too!