Warning: RebindPackages not possible for specified packages (or application was compiled in monolithic mode.)


Using/creating a project based plugin, I cannot use HotReload and get the above warning. What can i do to get the Hot Reload functionality back?
Also, when starting the project from launcher and compiling in the background with VS 2013, it says “Hot Reload completed” after VS finishes but It did not reload at all.

I am using the launcher version of the engine.

Thank you very much in Advance and if any more information is needed, please ask.

bump bump bump Is there anything I can do, set any flag or something?

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Believe it means there are no recognized gameplay items (actors, modes etc). I was getting this until I added an actor to my project that previously only contained code in a plugin - adding a simple class at first didn’t stop the warning. I haven’t tried putting gameplay items in a plugin yet but it seems that plugins don’t support hot-reload at the moment.