Warning in Packaging Results - Asyncdelete can't clean

Hello there,

I have an issue when cooking the game (UE5.4.2). I get some lines like that once done :

UATHelper: Cooking (Windows): LogCook: Display: AsyncIoDelete could not clean up its root D:/Projects/UE_Projects/Game/Saved/Cooked/_Del/1. LastError: 5.

PackagingResults: Warning: Failed to asyncdelete directory ‘D:/Projects/UE_Projects/Game/Saved/Cooked/_Del/1/0’. LastError == 5.

UATHelper: Cooking (Windows): LogCook: Warning: AsyncIoDelete found unexpected directory ‘D:/Projects/UE_Projects/Game/Saved/Cooked/_Del/1/’ in its SharedTempRoot. This directory will block cleanup of the SharedTempRoot, please delete it manually.

I deleted everything manually, but it becomes quite annoying to delete files myself all the time. Any ideas on how to fix this?