WARNING: If your Mod Upload info (ID's etc) gets erased after updating, here's how to restore it...

When you update your DevKit, due to extra files we accidentally included in ARK DevKit v231.1, you might lose your saved Mod Info (including your ID’s) which you need to update new versions of your Mod. Thankfully, they’re it’s up by the Epic Launcher. To restore it after updating, copy this file:
[YourEpicLauncherLocation]\Epic Games\Launcher\Backup\ARKDevKit[MostRecentDate]\Projects\ShooterGame\Saved\Mods.db

Paste it over this directory:

And you’ll have restored your saved Mod upload infos :slight_smile:

Thanks all and keep up the great Mod work. So excited to announce the new contest on Thursday :smiley:

If this is not working for anyone, what I had to do to get it working was.
1st, i dident have a backup folder in my epic launcher.
But for the mods.db file, using windows notepad or wordpad is not saving the file properly, its just for some reason, getting wiped to “” empty parameters when going to re open the dev kit.

using notepad, ++ instead was what made this process start working for me.
Thanks to Poker from ark discord modding for pointing this fix out to me.
Hope this helps anyone else trying this forum solution.

So will GUID lose affect MOD uploading?