Warning, Class can't bind to DLL

Since I started using DllBinds in my game, occasionally when I compile I will get this warning (well it’s an error really):

Warning, Class ColdGame.MyClass can't bind to DLL C:\UDK\UDK-2014-08\Binaries\Win64\UserCode\mydll.DLL

When it happens I just need to re-save one of my .uc files and recompile and it goes away. It’s getting a bit annoying though.

Has anyone had this problem, or know what might be causing it? The DLL is configured properly to my knowledge and works (when it compiles without the warning at least).

I see this warning all the time, and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with reality, the dll code runs normally.

Hopefully it doesn’t turn into some kind of problem at release, but I doubt that since I plan to ship a completed install of the game as is standard nowadays.

@ciox are you saying you’re dll’s still work even when you get this binding error. I haven’t actually tested that. Seems like they wouldn’t though…

did you make a 64 bit dll? when you run the 64 bit exe to start the compile you will see that warning if you do not have a 64 bit dll in that folder. We have that warning if we try to compile when we run a 64 bit exe as we only made a 32 bit dll. So we use the 32 bit exe so it uses or 32 bit dll and no warnings.

Yes, I use DLLs to download text data from my server, no issues.

Huh, I thought compilation takes place through UDKLift.exe which has only one version, presumably 32-bit.

hey guys,

i have a intresting question!it´s about DLL Bindings.

is it possible too bind function into UDK like a better FBX import manager+make UDK capable,importing alembic files as well?

can there be a Vector Field function brought into UDK particle editor(cascade)?

What´s about the Fluid Simulation,how to activate or bring it in?


No. Changing how UDK imports files–or which files it can import, or using new file types–would require access to the C++ source code. DLL binding is for accessing a function that’s inside a DLL file. File importing isn’t really the intended use case.

I guess it could be done. But you would need access to the C++ source code to add functionality to Cascade.

If it can be done, it probably requires a lot more work than finding a magical DLL to handle it all. You found an article that describes how Spicy Horse implemented fluid simulation in Alice: Madness Returns. I’m sure they had access to UE3’s source code, and not just the UnrealScript customization allowed by UDK. But if you wanted to see how far you can get with UDK, you should just try it. What have you done and how far have you gotten?

thanks for the quick answer,i appreciated.i see,why having the the source code gives certain advantages.with other words;
UDK is a compiled version without acces to the base functions because all access points were during the compiling version via Visual Studio destroyed,therefor is the source code not accessible via any coding editor?

UDK is in unrealscript,similar to C++ and C sharp,but it´s differrent…? i´m not a pro in the script stuff…

IMPORTANT Q:is there maybe a way to convert the unreal scripts into C++?

what if,just the Uscript did the job?i think the function is already there…!?at the end,only stuff members of the NVidia and friends can tell for sure+mcgee,alice 2 developer what´s fact.
sure i will try…

but you guys can help me out,i need alot of brain power for deeper research…+you guys benefit also from it.

ah,before i forget:

is anybody here in the forum who would make a DLL Binding job for UDK,of course with payment?!!