Hello everyone!

We are Indyte Games, a developers team that has planned the most ambitious FPS game ever. If you want to be part of the team you should keep reading.

First of all, we will pay a percentage of our crowdfunding campaign earnings after the end of it and then, after releasing the game, with a percentage of the post-launch earnings until reaching a preset amount of money (it could be reached or not, depending on the success of the game).

Warhounds is a First Person Shooter based on the WW2. We want this game to have an open-world campaign through the Nazi Europe, Russia, Africa, North Europe and the Pacific Ocean with three types of missions (primary missions, secondary missions and flashback ones) and the ability to choose between different characters of each one of the sides of the War. Moreover, we want to include a zombies story as another mode, with new and immersive mechanics on large and scary maps, full of nazi zombies and secrets to be discovered, and also an exciting story with a final objective. The most important part in our game will be the multiplayer mode. We want it to be a great mix, taking the best parts of different games’ multiplayers, creating an addictive multiplayer with lots of modes to be enjoyed, several frenetic and totally destructible maps, new and innovative movements, specialists, streaks, medals, …

Includes:-An imersive and open-world campaign.
-An exciting and scary zombies mode.
-An addictive and spectacular multiplayer.
-First person view point.
-Second World War ambientation.


-Román Pérez (Project creator and Leader of the Indyte Games Team): Project management, marketing and publishing.
-Miguel Álvarez “Gury”: 3D Artist.
-Marcos Álvarez: Modelling.
-Álvaro Acero: Cinematics.
-Héctor Echávarri: Programmer.
-Rodrigo Pérez “Nixx”: Music Composer and 3D Artist.
-Ángel Velilla: Scripwriter.
-Jhosep Chevarria (Well-known UE4 artist): Texturing and Environment Artist (and some other tasks).


N/A - First Title


-Ability to export to FBX format.
-Experience with 3DS MAX or MAYA required.
-Ability texturing and rendering required.
-Ability rigging and animating required.
-Experience with Unreal Engine 4 toolset a bonus.
-Previous work or successful projects a bonus.
-Expected to create realistic props and meshes for the Warhounds’ Environment.

-Ability to export to FBX format.
-Experience with 3DS MAX or MAYA required.
-Ability texturing and rendering required.
-Ability rigging and rendering required.
-Experience with Unreal Engine 4 toolset a bonus.
-Previous work or successful projects a bonus.
-Expected to create realistic human characters, costumes and even animals, rigging and animating them.

-Experience creating music or sound effects required.
-Experience with mixing or composing programmes required.
-Experience with UE4 and incorporating these effects with blueprints a bonus.
-Expected to create realistic and high-quality sound effects.

-Experience with 3DS MAX and its particles system a bonus.
-If having 3DS MAX: experience with particles plugins and having them (Krakatoa, Phoenix FD, …) required.
-Experience with UE4 Particle System required.
-Experience setting them in Unreal Engine 4 a bonus.
-Expected to create realistic particles and decals such as blood, water, fire, sand, gunfire, explosions, …

-Experience with UMG, Scaleform/Flash or Coherent required.
-Expected to create a complex and realistic HUD and Game Interface and setting it up in Unreal Engine 4.

-Experience with C++ required.
-Experience with Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4 required.
-Expected to create and set up with the maximum grade of quality: gamemodes, everything related to characters and props, campaing, multiplayer and zombies mode. Besides, he or she is expected to help the environment artist, and the rest of the team in order to set up the game as fast as possible.


-No website yet.
-You can watch a cinematic gameplay test on this link:
-You can watch progress:


-Skype: It will be given after a short interview by mail.
-Twitter: Contact us by @IndyteGames


Wow, Nazi + Zombies, that sounds awesome.

Yes, and “indie team with no previous work” + “most ambitious FPS game ever” = 100% failure sounds also awesome unfortunately.

We know it sounds weird but if you keep following us, you will see you were completely wrong.

They actually are :wink:

In your cinematic trailer i can see no nazis, or even zombies.
Only some americans, or are they camo nazi zombies?

Our cinematic trailer is just a campaign short showing the way our game is being developed. Nazi zombies will be shown on next videos and versions.

What’s going to make this any different from a Call of Duty Nazi Zombies game or Nazi Zombie movie?

The first thing is that it is not only a zombie-based game.
The second thing is that Call of Duty’s zombies mode works in just one way: survive to zombies waves and only if you want, complete all the easter eggs. Warhounds’ zombies mode offers you the possibility of passing waves or knowing the story of what have happened and what will happen on the different places around the world you are allowed to visit in order to determine the future of the world. And of course, you will be able to understand the begining of a possible future Warhounds game.
The third thing is the way you kill zombies. Depending on the zombie, you will have to kill it in an specific way, so you need to be accurate.
There will be large, scary and full-of-easter-eggs maps.
The fifth thing is that you will be able to create or customize your weapon the way you want by enhancing areas of improvement (damage, rate, range, …), changing their aspect too.
I could tell you 23 more points that makes the difference between what you know thanks to nowadays games or movies and Warhounds’ zombies mode.