Warhalla - A fast paced 3rd Person Shooter

Hey everyone,

This is our game Warhalla:

Please take the 5 Minutes to watch the full video, as it will explain everything about were we are at right now and how the game works :slight_smile:

The Team:

The Alpha was developed by a team of four students as our 5th semesters project. The team consisted of:

Eva Kaup: Concepts & Texturing
Katharina Ricken: Rigging, Animation & Environment
Julian Neagu: Character & Weapon Modelling
Tom Nietfeld (me): Programming & VFX

We now decided to continue our work on Warhalla for our bachelor thesis
and heavily appreciate every feedback we can get! Also for any tips and tricks for Steam Greenlight we are all ears :slight_smile:

The Roles all changed a bit, since one of our teammembers cannot be with us for the next few months, but still we want to keep working on it!

I am also gonna leave some of the very first concepts for the game and some screenshots here :slight_smile:

Oh I am also gonna leave this screenshot of the menu screen here:

Woa!! This game looks amazing! Will definitely be checking back frequently!!

Woaw :slight_smile: What the fantastic game “thirdperson”
U Guys Rock…/

This game will be a success, it’s fantastic :smiley:
I hope you will finish it, if you need a beta tester, i’m here :slight_smile: .

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I will make sure to upgrade as often as I can :slight_smile:

very nice! Looks good!

nice work. like the art style

So we are on Steam Greenlight now. Make sure to check out the Trailer and leave us a vote :slight_smile:

We hit over 1100 Votes :slight_smile:

This game looks awesome !!! sheep launcher! lol

Thanks man! We got greenlit btw! But are too busy writing our bachelor thesis right now :slight_smile:

Congrats on getting greenlit!


Here is a complete playthrough of one match with only 4 out of 10 players though.