Warcos | FPS multiplayer game

Hi guys, Official trailer of our game. I hope you will enjoy it


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please support our project, add it to your wishlist

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Hey @sugunwar, thank you for sharing your awesome FPS multiplayer game, “Warcos,” here on the Unreal Forums! I’ve gone ahead and added it to my Steam wishlist, and I look forward to playing it. :grin:

You and your team must be pretty excited for it to release in 6 weeks; how long have you guys been working on this project?

I wanna play it NOW!

Hi, @Zezkaii thank you for feedback.
We appreciate it. Warcos is already 12 months in development.
We can publish it now, but we working on content, now we want provide more maps to play and more mods.

With best regards,
4taleproduction team

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Thank you so much @FAXCORP for feedback
Release will be soon. . We work hard and I hope you will enjoy our game

With best regards,
4taleproduction team

It’s no problem at all! I think your team’s one year of development is going to pay off nicely, especially with your team’s dedication to providing content ahead of the game’s release.

Kudos again to you and your team, only a couple of more weeks left! :partying_face:

Working on a weapons, new map and a game mod

This is some fine quality work on this weapon! Do you think we’ll be able to get a sneak peek at the newest map in development as well? :eyes:

Hi @Zezkaii!
Sure here it is. almost finished


This villa looks fantastic! Keep up the terrific work, and thank you for allowing us to get a sneak peek at an entirely new map! :grin:

We are in the Early Access from now!