WarBots - 'Besiege' meets 'Titanfall'

What is the game about?

WarBots is a Tactical Shooter and Building Game. There are a lot of games out there where the player can design his own robot / ship / vehicle, like RoboCraft, Besiege and GearUp, and they are all good for some casual hours of fun. However, with WarBots we are aiming to revolutionize this genre in generall.** The target: Combine creativity and immersion** in a versatile and tactial FPS environment. WarBots takes place in a semi ScienceFictional setting and and aims for a non-cartoonish, realistic graphical experience. The player is able to design his own WarBot: Mechanical fighting, vehicle based robots, aiming to destroy the enemeys core. The player has to build his WarBot completely from scratch, with elements like rods, rotators, spinners, hydraulics, flamethrowers, sawblades, wheels and lots and lots of more elements, all customizeable in a lot of ways. Once done so, he can switch from his humanoid FPS Character to his WarBot that’s up to 20 times his size to dominate the battlefield.

What is us important in the development of WarBots?

Make the main GameMode Tactical-based. Fun, but with lots of adrenaline and immersion. WarBots (the actual bots) are equaly important to win a match like the humanoid FPS-Characters.
Create a acchievement based unlock-system, unlike from for example RocketLeague.

We are all friends. We do not want to be just programmers and artists for a project. We like a relaxed and friendly atmosphere between all our team-members.

Who are we?

Programmer: (aka. )
Hello to who may ever reads this! My name is and I am a 21 year old information-technology student from germany. I started coding back when I was 15 years old and always loved creating in any form: Playing guitar, writing stories and - above all - programming. I really like working as a team and enjoy the feeling of “raising your child and watch it grow”. I would describe myself as a very open minded person, and really hope others would confirm that. :rolleyes:

Sound-Artist: Phillipe (aka. Godlag)
My name is Philippe. I’m 28 years old. I studied composition and violin performance in Paris, Stuttgart and Munich high conservatories. I’m passionated with video games since I’m young. So for me it was natural to do both : writing music for video games ! What I like more is the collaboration in the team, be close to the developers and to produce soundtracks that perfectly fit the overall game-experience.

3D-Artist: Tim (aka. Xonos)

3D-Artist: Samm
Hi, my name is Samm and I’m a 3D-Artist for about 4 years now and live in the United States. Preferably I design environments and hardsurfaced-props. Needless to say, I of course also love video-games.

State of the project:

The project is still in a early phase (Core-Framework programming, designing visual concepts), so lots of possibilites to integrate yourself into the project. We do not want you to consider yourself as a employee or “worker”. You are a part of the project - just like we are. Decide with us together and help us form the best game experience possible.

Open Team-Slots:


Programmer with following qualities:

  • -First Person Shooter code-design
  • -C++ Experience of 4 years or more
  • -Having lots of fun in team-work and GameDevelopment in generall

Programmer with following qualities:

  • -C++ Experience of 4 years
  • -Intermeditate (or above) experience with Unreal Engine 4. No Blueprint-Skills required.
  • -Having lots of fun in team-work and GameDevelopment in generall

Programmer with following qualities:

  • -C++ experience of 4 years or more
  • -Knowledge in Head-Up-Display and User Interface implementation
  • -Having lots of fun in team-work and GameDevelopment in generall

3D-Artist with following qualities:

  • -Experience in realistic humanoid modelling and animation.
  • -Having lots of fun in team-work and GameDevelopment in generall

Concept Artist with the following qualities:

  • -Experience with realistic conceptual Arts.
  • -Having lots of fun in team-work and GameDevelopment in generall

Visual FX Artist with the following qualities:

  • -Experience in realistic visual effects like fire, rain, explosions and smoke.
  • -Having lots of fun in team-work and GameDevelopment in generall

One thing to mention: If you do NOT have 4 years of experience in C++ or your skill-set isn’t listed under open slots, but you think you would fit our team:
All applications are welcome :slight_smile:

When you join the team
As mentioned before, we don’t want you to be just a worker. We want you to be a part of the team - just like we are. Since we have currently no incomes through this project we do offer you a royality and the possibility of a contract once the game is released, depending on your interest.
We do not have fixed schedules. You work when you have time and we dicuss about our newest progress and ideas / thought at least every few days. It’s a very comfortable atmosphere :slight_smile:

If you are interested or have questions…
just leave an short application / your questions either in the comment-section below or send it to me () via the UE4 Message System. Afterwards we can dicuss things in greater detail on Skype or any platform that suits you the most.

Hi ! :slight_smile: I think you have a great game concept here and the right attitude to make it a success. I wish you lots of luck with it! :smiley:

(I would join you to make this game if I wasn’t already the team leader of an ongoing Sci-Fi game project.)

Peace. :cool:

Hello, I’m interested, I have 6 months experience C++, but I am still learning some of the engine’s feature’s. I Love building type games, and this sounds fun, so please add me on Skype: GAMINGBACON97 or message me here on the forums. I look forward to talking to you, and have a great day!


I contacted you. I will keep this Thread up-to date and will post images and videos as soon as they represent the game in a proper way :slight_smile:

Huge update on the thread :slight_smile: