War on the Horizon, Complex Medieval RTS/Management Game in Need of People

**Project Title: **(Working Title, Subject to Change) War on the Horizon

The player will rule a kingdom, and manage all facets of said kingdom, from the economy, to diplomacy, to the military. The game will focus on deep customization including domestic/foreign policy, economy and trade, and the armament/training of troops and commanding them in warfare. This will take place across a large (possibly randomly generated) map with other AI kingdoms.

**Nick (Me): **Primary programmer and project creator - 1 year.

Talent Required:

  • Blueprint Programmer (1)

  • Hopefully some experience, but new people welcome too.

  • 3D Modeller (1-2)

  • Required ability to create and rig characters (people), buildings, and other item/environment assets.

  • 3D Animator (1)

  • Need to be able to do animations including movement, combat, and other miscellaneous animations.

  • 2D/Texture Artist (1)

  • Need to be able to make some icons to represent 3D models and UI options. Also need to be able to make textures to apply to the 3D models and environment.

**Contact Info: **Feel free to message me with any questions, or if you would like to join me. Thanks for your time.
Message me on This forum.
Discord: Kufan #8502

Hello, Nick, I was would like to see if you need a tester for your game.-Thank you for your time Steven

Hey, Im a 3D environment artist/leveldesigner and 3d modeller. im quite interested in this project if you want some help contact me on or through my website