War game

Hey, I’m new here. Looking to make a modern or medieval war game. Any way to create a great big army?

It all depends on what kind of game you are making. Multiplayer, mmo, multiplatform or pc only. Cartoonish (like wow) or realistic etc.
But for really big armies you probably need to code that yourself in C++. Else you can hope for 200 AI bots max.

I’m thinking realistic, maybe muktiiplayer folr pc. Strategy or just take down as many as you can before they overwhelm yout

Definitely look into optimisations for skeletal meshes. I have seen some videos in the past where they have dozens of bots moving around.

i myself are looking at making a simular game to one I’ve been following for a few years called armormmo its not really a mmo tho its id say massive battle arenas focusing on combined arms I’ve been working on the design document for a while now and getting closer to needing to put a prototype together do you id like if some ppl could go chk out armor mmo and let me know if something like armor mmo could be bought to life successfully in unreal engine 4 or 5 or is it just a fantasy I’m having

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Your game can probably be brought to life in Unreal Engine. There’s not a lot that you can’t do with this engine. I would suggest putting together a prototype and gathering a group of people to playtest it to see if people like it or not.

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