War For Orion - Sci Fi Space Shooter seeking Additional Artists!

War For Orion is a Science Fiction Space Action / 3rd Person Shooter game set in the year 3500AD. The gameplay revolves around an interstellar war between two human factions, the Alliance and the Apostasy. In actual gameplay terms this translates into a map based online Player vs Player (PvP) multiplayer action game where players can fight as either Alliance or Apostasy space soldiers. The battle takes place from a 3rd person perspective as a space soldier, or piloting high performance fighter spaceships and other exciting vehicles. The aim of the game is to defeat the opposing faction in various game modes, deathmatch, domination, etc, using tactical team based play.

Our Team:

Russell Morahan (Thats me, DyotoOrion on these forums.) - Project Leader / Lead 3D Artist.
Rafael Moreira - 3D Artist
Othman Sahbi - 3D Artist.
Julius Lange - Lead Programmer.
Alex Kalavitis - Gameplay Programmer.
Ahmad Fauzan - UI Programmer.
Rambir Bram - 3D Artist.
Niko Bergles - UI Artist.
Kyle Thompson - Concept Artist.
Enmanuel Martinez - Concept Artist.
Fletcher Williams - Original Soundtrack
Ethan Ellis - Level Designer.
Anthony Davis - Web Developer.

We are a friendly Indie team working passionately towards our goal of an awesome space action game. I have been working full time as a freelance 3D artist for 3 years now, and our other team members all have experience working in other Indie game projects. We are a semi-professional team with big goals and big ambition to make an explosive impact on the Sci-Fi games genre. We are aiming to release War For Orion on Steam in Q4 2016, at which time we will be able to pay all our team members generously for their work. This is a Royalty based project.

We have various positions open on our team and hopefully all applicants should possess the following:

  • A love of and strong passion for science fiction and space adventure in computer games, and in related media, films, TV and literature.
  • Be excited and really passionate about making fantastic and fun games!
  • Be a good team player, able to work cooperatively with others in a balanced and mature way. Be able to communicate ideas clearly and also listen to others.
  • Be able to speak English and be able to join us on Skype for our weekly game development meetings. A Microphone is absolutely essential for most positions.
  • Be able to contribute between 10-16 hours per week to the project.

Open Positions:

The War For Orion development team is currently seeking additional 3D and 2D artists to assist us in the creation of high quality Science Fiction computer game models. We are looking for artists in every area of expertise and would be excited to hear what your talent can bring to the project.

All 3D artists should ideally possess the following:

+1 years experience making assets for computer games and with a strong passion for Sci Fi and Hard surface modelling. You will require an expert knowledge of your chosen 3D suite for example 3DSMax, Blender 3D, Maya, Modo, etc and tthe ability to texture your 3D models using programs such as Photoshop, Quixel Suite or Substance Painter / Designer or an equivalent high quality texture creation workflow. Every 3D artist must posses the ability to create high quality Low Poly models for use in game and excellent High Poly models from which to bake Normal maps for the Low Poly models. A solid understanding of Physically Based Rendering (PBR) and Materials set up in Unreal Engine 4 would be advantageous.

All 3D artist positions will require you to work in collaboration with the games Lead 3D Artist and the concept artists to develop awe-inspiring and excellent Sci Fi 3D models and designs.

The following positions are currently available:

3D Environment Artist .
For whom the main responsibilities would include modelling and texturing the following:

  • Sci Fi Interior and Exterior environment - space stations, planetary bases, satelites, etc.
  • Sci Fi Props. Computer terminals, Furniture, Display screens and other environment objects.
  • Building custom collision geometry for your environment static meshes.

3D Character / Weapon Artist
For whom the main responsibilities would include modelling and texturing the following:

  • Sci Fi Space Soldiers of the 35th century based on concept art from our teams concept artists.
  • Sci Fi handheld weaponry and equipment to be wielded and worn by the Space Soldiers.
  • An understranding of skeletal mesh deformation and the ability to skin your 3D characters would be highly advantageous.

3D Vehicle Artist
For whom the main responsibilities would include modelling and texturing the following:

  • Spacecraft of the 35th century based on concept art from our teams concept artists.
  • Sci Fi land based vehicles such as jeeps or tanks.
  • An understanding of mechanical animation and bone placement for sockets would be advantageous.

We are also seeking additional 2D artists to develop concept art. All 2D artists should ideally possess the following:

Being a talented 2D artist / designer with a passion for and understanding of Science Fiction Art Design. You should be creative and able to generate your own original futuristic concept art and designs. An appreciation of industrial and mechanical design would be useful. +1 years experience using your chosen image editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator Gimp or an equivalent.

Work in collaboration with the teams 3D artists.

2D Concept Artist
For whom the main responsibilities would include producing awesome and original concepts of any or all of the following:

  • Space Soldiers
  • Spaceships.
  • Sci-Fi Space Environments
  • Space Stations.
  • Sci Fi Weaponry.
  • Sci Fi Props: Computer Terminals, Machines and Crates etc


If you are interested in joining our team to work with us on War For Orion and have the skills and talent to take on one of these positions then please contact me by email or Skype to arrange an informal interview, or feel free to respond to this forum thread with any questions or comments. Even if some of these positions have been filled, we are always looking to hear from talented game devs interested in working with us.

Email me at: warfororion@gmail.com
Skype: dyotoorion5

Our Games Website can be found here: www.warfororion.net

And on Facebook: Redirecting...

I look forward to hearing from you!

Here is some media from the early development of War For Orion (we have much more going on behind the scenes):

Peace. :cool:

We have a solid team, a great game design and tons of game ready assets! Just need talented Programmers to make our game go! :slight_smile:

Hi Studio Daisho! :slight_smile: Thank you for your offer, but we have a talented musician creating an original sound track for the game and we will be using stock Sci-Fi sound FX from the UE4 Marketplace. Thank you though and best of luck!

Thanks Studio Daisho! :slight_smile: I will definitely keep that in mind!

Still seeking Unreal Engine Programmers! :slight_smile:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. :slight_smile:

We now have one programmer, still seeking an additional programmer for either programming position.

Still seeking an additional 3D artist.

The Web Developer position has been filled.

Game website coming soon! :smiley:

The 2 Programmer Positions and the Web Developer position have now been filled. Still seeking an additional 3D artist.

The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain :slight_smile:

The WFO development team is currently seeking additional art talent! If your a 3D or 2D artist looking to work on a fun and awesome Sci Fi Game. Please get in touch. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Still seeking additional 3D artists! :slight_smile:

Still seeking more 3D artists! :smiley:

hmm interesting realisation… compare with my interpretation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDwa_w2A71g
anyway good luck comrades (=

Cool video and gameplay ya got there! :smiley: Like a cross between EVE: Valkyrie and X-Rebirth! :slight_smile: Good luck comrade!

Thx Russell you right, indeed its some cross kind for space sim like a X-Rebirth or X series… Descent, Valkyrie, but i very liked Freelancer style and doing same in Unity3D too)…

be in touch (=

Still seeking 3D artists with a passion for Sci Fi! :smiley:

Still seeking talented 3D artists with a passion for Sci Fi! :smiley: If thats you, please do get in touch!

Updated the thread to show our currently available positions.

War For Orion is currently seeking a talented Level Designer with a passion for Sci Fi Games. If that’s you, please do get in touch. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Still seeking a talented Level Designer for Sci Fi and Action / Adventure. Cheers! :slight_smile:

We are currently seeking additional 3D and 2D Artists with a passion for Sci Fi. If that’s you, please do get in touch. Cheers! :slight_smile: