Wanting to Start A Game Developing Team, Looking For Multiple Positions, Paid After Finished Product


Hello, I’m interested in forming a game development team to work on a potential multiplayer game idea I have. I have decent experience using the engine and I believe my ability to lead the team would allow for an finished product, that would definitely get some attention if we all hold standards to our work and of-course make games not for the sole purpose of profit, but as a work of art and something to be proud of.

The Idea:

All I will disclose at this time is that the project of interest is a multiplayer survival horror, not openworld, but not in a linear fashion either. It is by no means similar to the game Dead By Daylight. More information will be provided to a complete team.

The Team:

  1. Looking for 2 people with generally good experience navigating and using the engine. Standard devs

  2. Searching for 1 artist that is in general great with designing world environment that are generally more dark/dull, both interior and outside.

  3. Someone experienced in networking and setting up multiplayer environments.

  4. A Project Manager. Someone who can help provide leading roles along side myself.

About Me:

I’m almost 19, I’ve been working with UE4 for about 6 months, but learning about the engine is easy enough as of now, I’m college bound in 2 months undecided major, but school shouldn’t get in the way with what I’m taking.


I’m very aware the information and post I’ve provided is very limited, but if you have any questions, please ask! I’m very fresh to game development and I really am open to opinions and hopefully finding a great group of people to work with!

How to Apply:

Add me on Skype at taylor.t.dodson and I’ll discuss further on the matter of getting this team together.

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