Wanting to specialize in Architectural Visualization, don't know how.

Hey guys, I just want to say thanks to everyone that reads and decides to help!

So, I graduated from an architecture bachelors degree about a year ago. I decided during the time I was employed that I wanted to specialize in Arch-Viz; since I was always the designated “Render Guy” and because I really enjoyed it.

But now that I’m here, I couldn’t be more lost! The world of Arch-Viz seems daunting from where I’m standing. Its not clear to me if I should: look for a degree in 3D Modeling, just keep working on my own through tutorials or aim for a rendering firm.

I also want to work with augmented/virtual reality, but can’t seem to find any courses. I’ve checked game design degrees, but is that going too far?

I will really appreciate any suggestions or help! Thank you.

A couple of questions.

Do you want to work for a Architecture firm, viz firm or freelance?
Do you live in the USA?

It’s EXTREMELY competitive so be prepared to work really hard for not a lot of money. I’ve been in the Architecture field over 30 years and all of my contacts except a few are outsourcing 3D work to 3rd world countries, that’s US firms I’m talking about.

Hi janbigas. I am in the same situation! I love arch viz and I want to specialize into VR.

There is so much information in the web so Im planning to learn as much as I can by myself. Once I get the basics, I will make some projects and create a portfolio/video reel.

Do archviz of a nice building is great, but I am really interested in how VR will influence the way we think our projects.

Cheers and good luck!

You don’t need any more degrees. Take some online courses to round out your skill set, and then make a reel that shows off what you can do. Then try to find some companies that are trying to do what you want to do in an area you are willing to live in.