Wanting to say hi and get the flaming done before the new year starts.

Hi all

hope you all have a save and happy NEW YEAR

I’m knew to unreal 4 about three weeks now. I like what I see.

I use cryengine and I like it. but I 'm not sure I can get my game done with it. What I mean is if I had a team and a couple of good coders I could make a great game with it. it’s a great engine.
but very hard for a new person to learn. (I’ve been at it for a year. I can make some good terrains. some of the other stuff is a nightmare for me.) I like it but I’m a one person team right now. and plan to hire freelancers along the way. for the first part/ then hire some people fall and part time.

the unreal engine is a great engine with great capabilities. has lots of great tutorials. blueprints look great to me. (Not good at programming)

I know that it’s not the engine BUT the person or team using the engine. a good person can make the graphics / game look great and play great, in both engine or any other fir that matter. or it can look bad and play even worse. so it’s not the engine it’s the person / team. I’m a graphical type person. I wont the great graphics along with the great game play. (That’s why I’m here.)
I’m not sure I can get it done with cryengine. (It will take a lot longer to do if I can even get it done on the scale I’m looking at)

I’m going for a AAA game both in quality and game play.

My game plan is:

1st the first person shooter.
2nd the same game but a multi player version of it.
3rd MMO. version of it.

the simplicity of doing it this way is MONEY and PERSONAL.
getting the first person shooter done first give me money for the multi player game . I hope people will see the game know that I’m for real so I can hire better talent. and may get some backing.
after the success of the multi player game, I will have the money for the MMO. Easier to get backing, finding Talent that I hope will want to work on the game as bad as I wont them to.

My plan is for the next 3 months learn unreal and cryengine then I’m going to start my game with both engines for the next 6 months.
see which looks better, which one i can get things done faster and better. (for my level. Which wont be AAA game level by that Time. I under stand that.) At the end I will determine which engine I’ll go with.
I want to do all three in the same engine and not jump around.
I’ll post some side by side pic. from both engines. I’ll do my best with both engines not trying to make one look better then the other. (It would not be in my best interest to do so.)

the game is called Killer Zombie after the book of the same name (Not out yet)

You will be hearing a lot from me. I’ll have lot of questions. (WARNING I hope none are stupid. but some will be, I know.)

Have a great and save new years eve and Day.

Get out of the computer and watch a game! :rolleyes:

G’day, welcome, happy new year and all that.

You may want to leave out the desire to create anything remotely MMO-like until you have the funds, skills and team to be able to more seriously suggest it :slight_smile:

That said, assessing the engine and learning the basics is a good plan to start with.
You’ll be less reliant on the kindness of strangers if you have some semblance of what can be done and how things basically work.

As for the game name… I’ve got no clue if the book exists by that name let alone if it is any good, but you gotta admit, Killer Zombie couldn’t get any more generic sounding if you tried :frowning:

Well, ok.
Shooty Game 2016 would be more generic… but you get the point :slight_smile:

Otherswise, good enough plan to start :slight_smile:

Welcome! Best of luck with all your plans. One thing that I think you will really appreciate with Unreal is how many great tutorial videos epic has on youtube, great way to get up to speed. Also check out all the example projects they provide, wealth of good info there as well.

hi all

Thanks everyone

No flaming around here.

Well shucks, I thought we was gonna do some “flaming”. Your reasonableness, though quite ambitious plans, ran my flamethrower out of petrol.
Good luck dude. And the Marketplace can be your friend.

Thanks everyone.

sorry your flamethrower out of petrol.
Might Have been better then what happen to me over the new year eve.

Fall and broke a rib. NO I do not drink. been sober for 19 years 9 days now.

“Fall and broke a rib”
Yikes. Get well. And no belly laughs. :slight_smile:
And congrats on your 19yrs and 9 days.

Hi all

Thanks breese45