Wanting to make Marketplace content, any pointers?

I want to start making some content for the marketplace, mainly environments and props. Does anyone have any pointers for this? Or is there something that people really wish was done to marketplace content that isn’t done that often, such as set up or optimization or something along those lines? Thanks!

Although your focus is environments and props if you do anything in blueprints make sure to comment it, and comment it well. As for environments, being able to customize whatever youve made is a huge plus, even if its as simple as colour. Another thing that a lot of people dont do, but would be very beneficial is to also include raw files like .PSD for the textures and other developer files so the customer can tweak and customize to their liking.

Those are great ideas, especially the raw files. My plan was to have customization of the assets, maybe trying to figure out how to make the height of an object customizable through blueprints. Thanks for the tips. :slight_smile:

Well tip number one would be Do not fall in love with your own work.

Your not selling art but assets so others can create so your produces you sell should be looked on as buying a box of crayons with an eye towards saving development time.

The big one though is develop your brand identity and a reputation for producing usable assets, at fair market prices, with solid customer support and clients will buy your stuff just to have it.

Gone through any of the Marketplace request / wishlist threads to get hints?
Procedural everything / tools for customizing assets are both popular.
Sounds obvious, but reliable support & interacting with users is key.