Wanting to Help Epic Create ArchViz Learning Resources?

From time to time, we work with a number of the highly talented bunch of you in the form of blog posts, engine contributions, technical breakdowns, and many other outlets. The level of impression our community of ArchViz artists has had on the staff at Epic has been continually deep, and we’re looking for individuals (or teams!) that are willing to share their knowledge of the space in order to inspire continued growth in the real-time architectural visualization space using Unreal Engine 4.

If you’re interested in getting involved, shoot me a message, I’d love to hear from you!


Ready for it!

Hey Ivey! Nice to talk to you the first time ever! My name is Rohit Kumar, 14 yr old 10th standard Indian Student.

I am a self learned student who can make good arch viz.

Currently, since 2 weeks, I am working on a bedroom arch viz which will get completed by 1 week more.

I will be ready to give it to you as an Archviz Learning resource.

I wish I could help but I can’t qualify myself as a pro (yet). The guys behind the Berlin Flat scene, XOIO studio, posted a tutorial on Ronen Bekerman website (archviz news website and community). Imo, right now the guys from UE4arch are doing the best work. Maybe they would be interested to share their knowledge!!!
Koola is also a reference!

Hello and thanks for this thread. I have been doing archviz professionally for the last 10 years+ I was using Machstudio Pro until it was defunct and now testing it with UE I have been very impressed by its capabilities. But I am in no way a programmer, I am really very bad at programming in general and some of the terms used in the Editor are very confusing but I would like to promote and help in any way in exchange to such a wonderful tool.

I would like it if we could raise the resolution over 2048x2048 for rendertargetcube. That mean we could export a decent image to make 360 panorama playable on the web!!!

Busssyyyyyy but love to make a suggestion. Since Vis is taking off how about adding in another option in the new project settings?

We have settings I’m assuming that max quality means being reasonable as to performance so how about a separate Vis project setting and with starter content selected will included Vis quality materials?

I even have the helper tag. :wink:

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Hi Chance,

I can give a few suggestions if you’re interested. PM if so and I’ll give you my thoughts about UE4 for Archviz production.

Hi Epic - I’m writing our first blog post for BP right now, it’s not exclusively for Arch-Vis but that is our market. Our intent is to reach out to the Arch Vis community as well as publicise ourselves to clients to help get traction for real-time-arch-vis (trying to coin the term I.V. as in Ivy for interactive visualisation as its a bit shorter). We’ve developed some opinion on the subject, have tested some ideas on live projects and are seeking commercially viable markets for non-game output so I think we may be in a position to help.