WANTED: UE4 designers with artistic feeling

Dear all,

My name is Han Dols, I am running a project in The Netherlands. In this project, we want to make a collection of beautiful, artistic museums in UE4 for VR. We intend to do something special with this: offer it to people who are isolated, have chronic pain or elderly that have lost their mobility to travel but have not lost their interest in art. We are currently connecting expanding our network of geriatric specialist, pain clinics etc for this purpose. Of couse we would acknowlegde the artist who made the museum in this project and include a biography etc. Who is open to discuss this? Although we do not have a large budget we can discuss about some financial compensation.

Who has a museum, art pieces or other artistic beauties that we could include for this purpose?
Which artist on this forum with artistic talent is willing to team up?

Please let me know and send an email to or repond to this thread.

Kind regards,