Wanted to say hello.

Hi guys, ive been around a few times, and lurked the wiki and forums for a while, but just wanted to say hi, because i decided to take a serious crack at learning UE4. I am not very artistically talented(some might say even challenged), but i do have a lot of programming experience in the java world(i am a full time engineer in the bay area). Coming to C++ from java is proving a bit more challenging than i expected, because of
A. The tools do not seem as advanced (i miss the control click to navigate in xcode) and certain things i took for granted are missing entirely (advanced refactoring tools in visual studio).
B. build automation and unit tests are also not what i expected (im super used to junit style syntax for unit testing but find UE4’s tests very hard to understand)
C. my mac pro development experience hasnt been very smooth to say the least, so i have ordered a more powerful PC computer.

The art packs that were released from infinity blade series, motivated me enough to come back and give this another shot.

That being said, i would like to ask for advice, as to how people have setup their environments to be more productive in visual studio (the free version of that), what tools and plugins would be useful to make the IDE a little smarter so that i am not tracking down mis spellings all the time and am able to navigate the code with better precision.

Also what would be a good road map for learning UE4, because the wiki documentation has a lot of information about features of UE4, but as i have discovered not very much information to supplement my understanding of how to use those features to actually make the game.