WANTED: developer for voxel landscape generator; general programming / blueprinting


Inspired by survival TV shows and (voxel) survival games such as ARK and 7 Days To Die, I have created the concept for an open-world “survival simulator” and as such am in need of a person or people who are as enthusiastic about such a project as I am and would ideally like to team up.

Although there are plenty of survival-type first- and third-person games already out there, my concept goes beyond the design of a simple game and rather to be more of a “real-life survival simulator” that has more of a focus on survival as seen in survival (reality-)TV shows.


The “survival sim” is experienced first-person, in a random-generated smooth voxel landscape, that is defined by various parameters, to generate the corresponding setting (desert, jungle, forest, …) and if it is limited or unlimited in size. This project follows a client-server architecture, supporting multiple simultaneous clients (dual-CPU dedicated server hardware is already up and running, Ubuntu Linux with MariaDB, HTTP server, KVM support, TeamSpeak 3 server, …).


With the project being in its conceptual stage, after creating the technological foundation as described, it will be proposed to be greenlit on Steam as an Early Access title; at a later stage (after first working prototype) the project will then strife to be crowd-funded, to allow full-time employment compensation.

Compensation start:

  • To start out, I am willing to provide financial compensation for a working prototype (demo with smooth randeom-gen / procedural voxel terrain data that is stored on the server via MariaDB and streamed to the client) plus source code.

  • Ideally I am looking for people to join the project for the long l, but I am willing to compensate on a per-contract basis, if that is preferred. People who are joining the team can receive financial support, so they can work part- (next to a regular job or college / university) or even full-time on the project - but funds are limited; as such, individuals are required to be financially stable to the most part.


Participants’ location is irrelevant at this time, coordination will be done via forum on server and in voice via TeamSpeak. I am located currently at the East Coast in the USA, which is also the current location of the server.


If you want to become part of the project, you have to be of 18 years of age or older, you need to be fluent in speaking and writing in English and, as aforementioned, you need to be financially stable (be able to pay for all of your living expenses).

For any questions or to contact, do not post a reply - instead:

Click here if you would like to participate - enter as detailed of a description about yourself as possible (full name, age, location, education and job history or link to your resume / CV), your passion relating to UE4, why you think you would be a good fit for the project and participation details, including if you would want to work and get paid on a fixed contract or rather monthly, if you imagine that you could be involved in the project in the long run and how, … anything else you think is relevant.

Thank you all for reading and I look forward hearing from you!