Want your feedback about this menu

(I know the wrong word, it supposed to say want your feedback, not what. The threads dosent update the title-edits, for some reason)

What do you think?

Not bad, can probably do a bit more with the text as of right now it’s pretty plain. Is the BG static, or is there movement? A subtle movement would be pretty cool. =)

I don’t like tilted menus, they are a pain if you use mouse to select something. A Quit button would be nice (maybe at bottom right corner).

I did a bit photoshop to show:


Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: Its all done in Photoshop,
so I will do the animation in UMG. Yeah, forgot the quit button :stuck_out_tongue:
It will be a walkingsimulator where you have to find maps to unlock new
areas. Abit boring at the moment yes, but I dont want to think too big in
the beginning of the developement. Maybe Ill add some survival
elements so the eagels dont take you, while you exploring.

Added a photofilter to for some colorgradeing a quit button and gameversion info. Added also a gradient behind the text. Planning to make the text white when the player
hover over it. The eagle should maybe be just a little bit blurred to and cast some shadow on the ground. But Im very unsure about that.

If you are going to keep the text colors black/white maybe try dressing it up like: P L A Y. Caps with a space in between.

You mean like this?

Yeah something like that, maybe unbold the text too? I like the new BG color. Those are just my modest thoughts on it. =)

Ill have to use another font if Im going to do that. The font is pre-bolded :slight_smile: Tried to blur the eagle too, but then it got barley visible.

In its current state the eagle shadow is a little difficult to make out as well, maybe sharpen it a bit more?