Want to see if people are wanting Horse Models?

Hi everyone!!

i have been out of town and got a chance to get a lot of horse reference images, so it would be easy for me to create some detailed horse models with 4K textures?

keen to hear if this is something that people would like?

Will buy at the one.

are you able to make animations also?

I assume getting the “textures” looking good is one of the easiest parts about making good looking animals. The hard part is sculpting a detailed mesh and especially getting realistic animations.

So if you can also do that, then sure, a lot of people would like that.

I’m not currently looking for horse models, but am likely to in the future. When I do need some, I would be looking to add them to a fantasy RPG, so they would have to be flexible enough for that use.

In addition to having them stand still, walk and jump around, I would need them for the player to ride as well as pulling ploughs, carts and coaches. I would imagine that getting the animations and mount point options right would be the trickiest part, so that would have to be done well for me to buy a pack.

I would suggest making separate packs for each horse type (riding, racing, war, wild, coach, cart, plough etc.) but ensuring they are compatible so people can mix and match. A bundle of all packs at a reduced price would also be good.

Once you had all that, you could potentially expand the range with ponies, donkeys etc. and maybe even camels (although they are built differently).