Want to save Time on Texturing here is how....!

Just wanted to share this with a you guys been using it a few weeks and its amazing for textures easy to use too and the pre-installed texture little more complex when adding ur own custom texture but worth evey penny

few examples of a bed i texture using this program:



saves me so much time in texturing u can try the demo is a 30day trail and its worth every penny if u ask me.

enjoy and share!

It looks to me like it pretty much does the same things as Substance Painter. Do you know if there would there be an advantage to this over SP?

BTW, I love the bed! It looks really nice although the sheets look kind of “plastic-y”. Does the person using it wet the bed a lot? :slight_smile:

lol maybe lol i need to turn down the reflection lol well from what i seen this program creates the UVs automatically and u can hand paint as well as it gives u options to do alot i only been using it for a week or so i know there alot more features in it but im on a 30day trial i might buy it once the trial is over just because it cuts my time to texture by a **** ton took me 5 mins to texture that bed

I will have to check this out :slight_smile: I usually use Substance Painter/Designer or Quixel for creating textures. Look likes its worth a demo!