Want to Pause movement - then Resume - Need help - Video Attached

Hello fine folk ! I am so thankful for this awesome community and yearn to give back to it - as much as I can!

I am having a bizarre problem with the Level Sequencer editor - that is defying my logic.

Essentially - I want a camera - to move from Point A - to Point B - PAUSE - for 1000 frames - and then RESUME movement - to Point C.

To clarify - I am doing this by moving a character (can’t be a camera in my situation) using the Transform feature.

Every time I go to add a keyframe at the end of Point B - and then drag out the scrub mark - and then go to animate again via Point C - it creates a weird “back-and-forth” wobble - that I cannot understand.

I uploaded a screen recording of this - to further bring light.

Any help in the right direction would be more than appreciated!

Thank you!

Take a look at the curves in the curve editor. You’ll probably see the wobble in the curves themselves due to the auto interpolation settings.

In your case, if you select the keyframes and then set the interpolation to linear, that should fix the problem. You can set them to linear either by using the button in the curve editor, or choosing “Linear” from the right click menu when you select the keys in sequencer, or by pressing ‘4’ when you select the keys in sequencer.

That worked! Thank you so much!