Want to make a short pillar break on push from player, but the SM on top breaks it when I click play

So essentially I have the destructible mesh from the tutorial content being used as a pillar/support of some some form, with a static mesh object sat on top of it.

The idea being if the player bumps into the pillar, it shatters and the static mesh object then tumbles with it. The shatter works, but the static mesh then hovers in the air, I of course then tick ‘simulate physics’ to ensure it obeys the laws of gravity. However, the moment I hit play the pillar underneath immediately shatters, when I only want it to do so after a trigger/button press or the player bumps into it. Does anyone know how to fix this? :frowning: Tried adjusting values in the DM settings but nothing seems to have worked.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet - Images of the meshes in question and the DM settings