Want to learn unreal script and learn how to mod, how to get my feet wet?

I have been a PC gamer for over 13 years and have played many fps, tps, rgps and the like.
I have wanted to learn how to mod and create things for a long time now.
seeing half life 1 mods in action might be my first inspiration into wanting to learn how to mod.

but the thing is, I don’t have any knowledge or experience coding.
I read that unreal script is built on or uses c++ .

I don’t want to do mapping or modeling, I want to do things like making weapons or weapon effects, mess around with different things like that.
you know mess with the code to change around and make new things.

I’m not sure where to start, and I don’t want to subscribe in unrealscript at moment.
i know its going to be blood sweat and energy drinks, but I think I’m ready to work really hard at making one of my dreams come true.

There is no UnrealScript in UE4 so there is no UnrealScript subscription. If you are trying to learn UnrealScript please head over to UDK forums. forums are only for Unreal Engine 4 discussions.

Sorry, I think I was explaining wrong. I’m wanting to learn how to mod for the new Unreal tournament game that is being worked on right now, It would make no sense to try and mod for unreal III because that game is dead and any new mods made would not get the limelight they might have deserved.

So what are the step i would need to take to be able to make mods for the NEW unreal tournament? what would I have to learn beforehand, and what could i do in preparation for modding the new unreal tournament?

It depends on what exactly you want to mod ^^ -> maps, weapons, characters, everything,…

learn how to use the unreal engine 4 + a 3d program -> materials, bsp, meshes

Of course you need modelling experience to create the meshes + you can create them with bp’s, but I think they are currently porting the weapons to C++, so you will have to learn C++

characters and vehicles:
same as for the weapons

But I think when you post into the UT forum, you will get a better answer https://forums.unrealtournament/ :wink:

Unreal Tournament 2014 is still in development. There isn’t really a game to “mod” in the traditional sense, but there’s still a lot you can create.

Currently, you can contribute to the core game development itself through coding or assets. The term “modding” doesn’t really make that much sense right now, for a core game that’s not yet complete.

Hi there, since you are interested with getting started using Unreal Tournament for creating content and levels, I would suggest these pages:


And also, check out the general tutorial sections of the wiki: