Want to join a Team?

Hi, do you want to join a team of game developers?
The main game theme will be First Person Shooters.

The first project description :
The multiplayer tactical fps game (SWAT as attackers vs Terrorists as defenders). Attackers need to defuse the Bomb, escort the Hostage or secure the Secret Documents(or something else), but defenders have to prevent the attackers from doing it. Every attacker has a flying scout drone, and defenders have ability to barricade doors and windows. The game phases are Planning Phase (plan and select loadout) 30 seconds / Preperation Phase (defenders barricade the objective) 30 seconds / Action Phase (shoot) 5 minutes

Looking for a :

  • 3D Artist that can model realistic weapons and charcters (swat and terorrist characters) and gadgets.
  • An Animator to animate the weapons, characters and gadgets.
  • A Level Designer that can create a good quality level (I can send some house blueprints).
  • Maybe a Blueprint Scripter to help me with coding the networking.
  • And someone who can create good quality Physics in Nvidia PhysX for destructible walls and doors.

If you are interested and have any of these skills, contact me on G-Mail :


What differentiates this game from Rainbow Six: Siege? It sounds awfully similar.

But whats the difference to Rainbow Six Siege ? Your text reminded me of it instantly.

Yes, I know, I’m a Siege player myself. I’m making this cuz I wanted to create something this cool as Siege with that theme and doing it because I always thought why they made that like this, why the in lobby i wait for 10 minutes and get autokicked (time out) and just why the hell not? :confused: