Want to Implement Invisible Player Character Visible Only to Self / 自分だけに見える隠れ状態のプレイヤーを実現したい

I’ve followed the instructions on the “5. Making Players Invisible” (5. プレイヤーを不可視にする) page and used fort_character.Hide() to introduce the invisibility function to my game. However, when the controlled character is completely invisible, it is difficult to operate because it can unintentionally get caught on walls.

Is it possible to make the character appear differently, such as semi-transparent or generally darker, instead of being completely invisible? I’d like the player to be aware that “I am currently invisible to others.”

Thank you in advance for your help.

「5. プレイヤーを不可視にする」(5. プレイヤーを不可視にする)