Want to hook up with a programmer, what should I consider?

Hello all,

I’ve been considering trying to get in touch with a programmer lately, seeing as my hobby project is growing more and more technical, and I want to focus on other things that I do better than network coding…
So before I start asking around, I wanted to ask all of you programmers and other knowledgeable people out there.

what should I consider when asking a programmer for long-term completely unpaid partnership here on these forums?
And what have your experience been when looking for one, how has it turned out?

Thanks in advance! Any advice or help given is greatly appretiated :slight_smile:

clarified some circumstances around the project

You should consider what else the project has to offer a good programmer.

Unpaid is bad, it rarely ever goes the way you want regarding both sides.
So the question is what can you barter with overall or in general here…???
If you can make some models for the coder then that’s progress maybe…

There’s always a way to pay for a service; if you don’t pay with money, you could pay with asset packs, etc.
But make a clear agreement about it, make sure both sides are in agreement to the type and amount of assets being traded.

Never go for “unpaid” gigs, it’s always a headache.

Mmh, shame i’m a designer, not an artist :wink:
I wouldn’t exactly call it a gig; what im looking for is more of a long-term partner that shares my enthusiasm for the kind of game I’m pursuing.
@havocx Yeah, i’m relying heavily on being able to offer a project to be enthusiastic about, but im going to need to think more on what I can offer, thanks! :slight_smile:

Honestly, if you are serious then form an LLC and then give the programmer you find half of the company. That is a guarantee that he will get half of the profits and half of the tax debt :P. Instead of just telling someone you will go half and half, actually do it.

Game work is a global business tho, if you’re not both US based then it’ll going to be more complicated.
Plus people come and go, just the nature of Indie projects, and you normally need commitment for LLC.
But while you’re both initially exploring the game idea you don’t even know if it’ll reach prototype stage.
Whereas if you can barter with something up-front, you can get started working immediately meantime.