Want to edit a single asset

So I am wondering if it is possible to edit a single sound cue and then export only that for use in the game? I already have the sound cue edited, I just want the mod to work that it will simply replace the current sound cue with the one I edited. Does this make sense? How do I go about doing that?

Nvm, I see I need to wait till V185 to publish non map mods, thanks anyways :slight_smile:

Did u changed Trex roar to JP roar? If so hock me up too :smiley:

That’s actually a really good idea, though that isn’t what I did, I will add that in!

Example: To change the sound of the T-Rex’s Roar (this would just be for replacing a current existing sound cues only, not adding a new cue in) you would need to find PW_trex_vox_roar_cue_super (Sound Cue) firstly.

Second then you would need to open it up, then double click on each component in the Sound Cue blueprint area, and under Details where it says “Sound Wave” you would need to replace that with the desired added custom sound.

If you hadn’t already, just drag and drop the audio file into the Content Browser, and then you can add it under the previously mentioned “Sound Wave” drop down menu.

Seeing as there is technically 5 variations on the T-Rex roar you would want to replace all 5 if you wanted it to do nothing but that one sound. You get the picture from here I think with adding more sounds for variation, etc.

Hope this helps make things clearer for you!

  • Sinari

Yea, I already understood how to change the sound cues, I have that done, I just needed to do the next step of exporting/uploading the asset so I can use it in my actual game now! Thanks for the info though!

Ah sorry, I misunderstood the initial question I guess. And no problem, someone else will probably find it helpful :smiley:

I did. thanks.