Want to develop a 2D online fighting game.How do i start?


Background info

My name is i graduated from University Of Hertfordshire with a BSc In Information Technology and now i study MSc in Software Engineering. My Final Project on my BSc was to create a 2D shoot-em-up game using Flash CS6. I develop a space invade new generation everything went really good.

Game Idea

So here we are i had a game idea which is developing a 2D Online Fighting game on mobile devices and Tablets.

Game Details

Free to play game

10 Cartoon Characters.

Ranking system

In game items(accessories) where you can buy them by paying or by gathering in-game coins that u earn every time you win a match.

Creating account through the game or throught Facebook, Twitter etc.

My questions

Can i develop such a game with Unreal Engine 4?(First time using UE4).

If yes, How do i start is there any tutorials or books i can use to help me understand UE?

I m not a graphic designer, Where do i find one to create my characters? or Where can i find free-license character models?

Again a big Thank you for spending my time reading my questions.

Bussiness Mail: @gmail.com

Guilty Gear Xrd was developed for PS3 & PS4 in Unreal. I suggest checking out some videos. It is very impressive.

imagine that with a combination of the ranking system from the Fun Run Game on mobile devices