Want to design and animate 3D Character without rigging? Check here to find out how

Hi All

We wanted to share with you that Reallusion’s game character design platform is the most powerful character creation system that let you easily create unlimited combinations of various body shape and facial feature with infinite 3D morphing possibilities, and all character are fully-rigged and animation ready, just simply using your mouse to generate vivid animation and make dialogue with nature lip-sync in seconds.

Learn more details of how to use iClone to create character for Unreal:

Fully-rigged characters can be downloaded at following link:

Ummm 699$…for this? xD No thanks. Also these “Fully-rigged characters” are free on Unity Asset Store HERE so good job.

And mixamo

Hi Sadaleus,

Reallusion also offers several different solution packages which you may find out more details on our website.

You’re welcome to download the trial to get to know how iClone can help you on your character creation & animation projects. :slight_smile:


I really don’t want to start any drama here, but quit being an *******.

The software seems really cool, there is no reason it shouldn’t be 699$. Game development isn’t supposed to be cheap if you don’t want to do everything yourself.

Hey @Reallusion -

Got a few questions -

  1. What is the average “polycount” of these characters?
  2. Can We Adjust the polycount of our characters in IClone 6?
  3. How Does your mocap solution for the Microsoft Kinect compare to IPISoft Mocap and Brekel Mocap?


My biggest problem while testing iClone was related to performance, i.e. LODs.
The characters are great looking - but performance heavy due to expensive skeletons (fine when few characters are handled in game, but not adequate for crowds).

Are there any built in LOD solutions to have the same character (created with iClone and/or Character Creator) exported in lower quality (foremost with a simpler skeleton)?

And just as a suggestion, you should consider giving the sample characters for free in the Marketplace.
For one, those are pretty much just advertisement for the actual product anyways, and second, it looks strange having them for free in Unity.

And to the Mixamo comparison from someone - yes, Mixamo is awesome, but this here is a whole different kind of beast altogether.

I completely agree with Hoaxx. Game developers (especially indie) are in need for easy-to-use character creation pipeline tools which would generate models ready for using in a game engine in multiple scenarios - single character, first person, third person, cinematic sequences, crowds.

I’m a programmer, not a designer and I’m still struggling to assemble a reliable pipeline of tools for my hobby project. I don’t need anything fancy, just humanoid characters. But I need LOD level support for crowds, good quality textures, high level of facial customization (textures, beards, hear styles is a must), facial animations (some kind of audio lip sync would be great), ability to import and export meshes and materials in/from 3D software (preferably Blender) and using animations (built- in or 3rd party BVHs). Ideally, such a tool that should be fully compatible with Unreal Engine 4 and updated often enough to support latest stable versions.

I have looked at Mixamo Fuse, MakeHuman, Daz3D and iClone. All of them are useful and help achieve great things but currently you have to spend lots of time reading tutorials (many of them are outdated because of Blender and UE4 fast progress), solving compatibility issues (root bone issues, scaling etc.). Currently, it just takes unreasonable amount of time to assemble reliable character creation pipeline, even if all you need is somewhat realistically looking normal human NPCs running around and interacting with each other and game environment using a bunch of freely available BVH animations. For example, just look at this tutorial: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums - the tutorial is great, covers even LODs, but it’s insane amount of work, and now consider that you will have to repeat many parts of it when you adjust some body morphing slider in the character customization software. Or another tutorial here: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums - full of “maybe you don’t need this setting in newer Blender versions”. Maybe. That’s a nightmare.

I’m ready to pay a reasonable price for a good tool, but 699$ is too much. I know that iClone pipeline is really powerful, but it seems to have lots of things I don’t need at all and does not have some things I need. @Reallusion, you have the experience and resources to help us, please create a stripped down character creation iClone pipeline targeted at game developers (similarly to how Modo Indie and MayaLT are doing) but please do it right - do some investigation, polls, communication with game developers to find out which features will be required and which ones could be sacrificed to reduce the price. I’d say, 200$ would be acceptable price for such a tool.