Want to confirm if this is a bug? StaticMesh component does not trigger Touch Event


I am busy pulling my hair out here. I have this working in another game. But in this game, even though everything is identical, when you touch a staticmesh component it does not trigger the eventbegininputouch.
However, the other components trigger it just fine. When i delete the static mesh and recreate it, it works. Until i save… then magically… it no longer works.

Are there any known issues with staticmesh components in 4.6.1 because if i had a machine that could materialize UE4 4.6.1 into a living being, i would… and then i would stab it. (yes i like dark humor)

OK i did another test. The moment you add a component event for touch, then it no longer registers. But if you delete the event and do the check on the control BP, then it works.
Definitely a bug. Will work around it.