Want to cast a countdown timer to UMG

So I want to create a basic countdown timer which will display a game over UMG with restart as an option etc.

I have the integer set up and the UMG with the text but no idea how to tell the text on the UMG to begin counting or perform an action when it reaches 0.

Currently I have a pickup that should in theory begin counting however it’s counting from an invisible timer as it doesn’t reference the text on the UMG.

when picked up it cast’s the text in the UMG to the screen and begins the invisible countdown.

How do i get it to affect the “120” in the UMG and make it begin counting down and then when it is = “0” to bring up a menu UMG saying game over.

Thanks very much, here are screenshots.





Do you have a the timer variable binded to the text in the widget? To bind something to text simply click on the text and where you event enter the text to display there should be a bind button. Create a new one and it’ll bring up a new function to bind something to the text.
The way I would do it is to only store the timer variable in your timer widget event graph. On event tick, change the variable in the Timer widget that is binded to the text you want to change.

Here’s an example of doing it on an overlap from the level blueprint:

Binding variable to text graph


NOTE: Event tick is not once a second, so you’re timer would be counting down extremely fast. I used a 1 second delay to fix this. I also gave my timer a default value in the timer widget but you can assign the value before you start the timer as well if you want different values for different things.