Want to become an indie developer

I’ve been making games as a hobby for a few years now, but I want to take the next step and start a company and be able to release my current project once its ready.

Anybody got any tips for starting a game company (solo for now), things I should do, things I should be careful about, etc? I’m in Canada, for applicable legal talk…

I made some money as an indie before… Nowadays I’m working for a company(s).
Ironically, today someone just wrote about some of the stuff you have to be aware of before you decide if it’s worth for you or not:

Where did that last hour or two or three go??? Yikes I want my time back… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bruno’s link is like going down some kind of crazy demented rabbit hole.

Lots of interesting thought provoking articles though… Just two examples:



Haha, thanks for the positive thoughts! :smiley:
I know it wont be easy, and I’ll have to have a solid game to be able to get even remotely successful. For starters, I just want to be able to have a company to be able to …start… selling a title out in the world. I’m an electrician, and the market has tanked for people in my field right now so I’m working a temp job I’m really unhappy at. So I need to try and branch out, look at other options.

Hi @Interitus384,

It does not take much to Start Company in 2018. In it simplest form its just a set of legal documents. Generating revenue is the tough part.

To Start Your Game Development Company:

  1. Pick a good studio name.
  2. Check for Trademark:
  3. Start a Website:, set up a wordpress store: and ~150.00
  4. File as a LLC or Corp in your State at ~150.00

PS: what is the game you’re selling?

My game is basically, a reverse tower defense. You fight thru a maze of towers and try to get to the end. You’ll be able to upgrade your ship and weapons along the way. Based on the twinstick shooter template.

Unfortunately, the business set up is a bit different here in Canada, I’m basically looking at a sole proprietorship, or a limited partnership corporation( I read the proper name 2 min ago and I’ve already forgotten what it was) which seems to be the better, but more expensive choice.