Want tips for rotating puzzle game

hi guys, i want some tips about a puzzle im working on for a FPS horror game.
as you can see on the concept below , i will add 2 circular plateform next to the diagram as center .
the player need to push the joystick left and right to turn the plateform 45degrees in positive clockwise or negative .
i will put 8 letters separate by 45degrees each . so my problem is :

  • how to start the basics of that that puzzle in blueprint to match the letters at 0 , 90, 180 and 270 degrees ( 4 letters to resolve the puzzle and go to the next plateform )
    thanks in advance

Your image link is broken

thanks for answering … i just put some new info in photoshop …
so as you can see if i want to rotate the circular plateforme each 45degrees clockwise( black arrows) or negative 45 ( red arrows )  when the player press the joystick to the left or right to match 4 letters  in precise angle … H at 0 degree, B at 90 , D at 180 and F at 270 to unlock a door . how can i start in blueprint  because i got stuck in my logic

Did u got any resource to follow brother !

This is the basics: