Want random Z rotation on every particle, how?

Hey all, this is a REALLY easy concept so not sure why I’m not hitting any Google searches or any answers on the forum. Basically I am spawning several particles using a Sphere Location node without a + or - Z, so that I have particles in an area. What I need to do is have every particle spawn as normal in some random space, but have each particle rotated around Z a random amount, so that all of the billboards aren’t facing the camera. How do I do this? Here are two images to illustrate:

This is what I get by default:


This is what I need to be able to do at spawn time:


Thank you!!

Try adding an initial rotation module to your emitter:

What Haruna said isnt exactly correct, unless you use meshes as the billboards (which can significantly increases drawcalls in worst case scenario’s) you cant rotate sprites on the z-axis.
There isnt even an option to do so for sprites, its just rotation, you cant tell it to rotate on X, Y, or Z axis. (as it always faces you)

Even with the lock axis module its a nono.

So unless there is something I don’t know about (always a possibility, I’m not all knowing)
I dont think its possible unless you create a simple mesh plane and use mesh emitters.

Thank you for the clarification.

:slight_smile: hope I didnt come across offensive, dont want to sound like “omg so wrong”.


I found some other post that comes to the same conclusion, thank you VERY much. It’s a shame this isn’t a built-in functionality, as it is incredibly useful:


I misunderstood the question, I didn’t realize the poster was trying to find a way to override the sprites always being forced to face the camera.

I got PSA_Velocity to face away from the camera in a game but kept facing perpendicular to the camera at fixed velocity, only facing somewhat toward when I was accelerating or decelerating.
But since I can’t get it to work the way I want, I can’t recommend it.

I apologize for not thinking things through.

Absolutely no problem, I appreciate you posting! Always better to have more people looking at the question! MESH EMITTERS seem to be the way to go though. I was able to get something preliminary working last night, basically emitting a plane with an animated “flipbook” texture on it, and I can place those around the scene. Now I need to figure out how to actually change the starting index for those images so they all don’t play the same frame at the same time…