Want opinions on vehicle model set up

(I’ll put this here… this is NOT about the quality of model or anything. Last time I posted a question all I got was a bunch of spam about showing the models. This is a TECHNICAL question, not an art question)

I’m working on a vehicle model pack for the market place.

The vehicles will have multiple doors. I want them all to be useable, possibly ‘destructable’ by which I mean vehicle takes damage and doors fall off.

Should I just rig it all as one model on the same skeleton? Should I have each door as a separate model rigged to the same skeleton?

Currently I have 2 models that are the car bodies, and a separate model that is 4 wheels working with a modular approach, I can attach the same wheel model to several cars. Either way it’s the same draw calls as the wheels use a small tiling texture and each vehicle has it’s own texture (no mirroring).
So if the wheels and body are one model it’s still 2 draw calls (same as 2 models).


No opinions what so ever?