Want in-Editor notepad and better hotkey features

I think we should have a way to write notes (a small notepad like app) in UE4, someone might even be able to do simple coding with such a tool, yes we can add notes around the level but overall the text feature is under-parity with everything else I feel, even UE1 had a text editor in it for uScript.

Also everything I do in the editor it seems that I have to get there by moving my mouse, it doesn’t sound like much but it adds up, and consciously having to read EVERY thing to find the right window is somewhat tiring and destroys my rhythm. For example, lets say I want to create a new variable in blueprints, it would be nice to just “shift+A” and have the green “Add New” menu appear at my cursor instead of having to micro-focus on the location of the cursor and the menu button.

These are things blender does really really well and if you ever play RTS games you know how fast you can go when you don’t need to focus on the mouse.