Wannabe CEOs.

When I see someone calling themselves CEOs, it makes me smile.
I would personally never call myself an ceo untill my company has a few studios around the world.
And later I see some wanabe CEOs, wanabe founders with 0 people under their charge, 0 games released, and 0 revenue
You know, even if a 2x2metres gazette kiosk owner would call themselves CEOs, I would cringe less. They are at least making some money. Not anything big, but stable

Chief executive officer is the position of the most senior officer in charge of managing an organization. CEO is also take a more responsibility.

A lot of such CEOs want linking on linkedin, it is laughable.
But i think is “inflation” of terms, blame marketing for it.

In certain jurisdictions, the titles of company owners (no matter how small) are dictated legally.