Wanna team-up ?

Hi ! I am looking for motivated people to work with me at a videogame using the UE 4 Engine together with the VReality tech.
I am pretty “new” myself to this “hobby” meaning that I’ve done some things in the past related to this “industry” but I’ve never made a game for myself or for selling it. Basically we’re gonna work at a third person&first person survival horror videogame that’s gonna take place in a prison. I have the story written down already. I’m now moving to the phase 2 wich is to do the artworks in order to give eveyone an idea on how the game is gonna look when it’s done (or at least trying to). I know how to use the majority of programs that are needed for something like this (Including Unreal 4 ofc). What am I looking for ? Well, it doesn’t matter what you want to work at as long as you KNOW something, being it:
-Just willing to LEARN/participate/giving advices here and there/keeping the team’s moral up
-Twitch Moderator For the channel
-Sound Fx/Soundtrack/Ambience Creation (only if you have a recording studio)
-Voice Acting/Singing Skills (only if you can reach to a recording studio)
-How to Use Unreal Engine 4
-How to respect the team/Come with ideas/suggestions

Do not get scared. I am not looking for “pros” here.

My skills: I have a good knowledge about the workflow of creating a videogame, the software that is needed and team management, etc. My skills/experience:

-Gameplay Design (theoretical, not by programming it)
-Level Design
-Character Design

  • 3D Modelling
  • Sculpting
  • Sketching
  • Story writing

The game will sell on Steam.