Wanna permanently remove a game off my launcher's library

I want to permanently remove a game off my Epic Launcher library, but I didn’t see an option, what did I miss?


An awesome example of this is I downloaded the alpha weekend playtest for Satisfactory. Now that its over, the unplayable alpha demo is now permanently listed in my library. :frowning:

Does this mean every demo or playtest I install will be permanently listed in my library? If so I will no longer download any demo’s or temporary games.

Also include some sort of organization features to our games library. We need folders or something…


Library organization is already on the roadmap: Trello

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How can remove icons from the library ? Look on Picture. Please reply.

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You can’t. Amazing, right?


I “bought” a free demo and it was temporarily taken down. Now they’re telling me it’s back up, but I can’t get it again because it says I already have it. On the library tab it shows as unavailable.


you can get it removed the hard way by removing your account i did it just to get rid of fortnite.

Hey all,

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Please make this also available to the vault area as well, a lot of us have tons of marketplace purchases & its a pain trying to find exactly what you want to install when you have so much stuff

In the newer versions press the All button at the top and then click on Installed then it only shows the games you have installed you can always switch back your welcome.

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Just do it by yourself: edit the file “GameUserSettings.ini” in “C:\Users&lt;<>>\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved\Config\Windows”
Remove the line “LastPlayedGame” that contains the game you want to remove.
There might be other references in the file - make a copy before doing it.

pretty hacky

i love getting all these free games, even found one i eventually purchased on another platform

but getting rid of the shiet games from the library helps. i don’t want to install the “good” games to keep track of them in a huge library, i just want to get rid of the one’s i’ll never play

that trello roadmap item looks like it’s only talking about the UI redesign we’ve seen so far. nothing about removing items.

… 2 years later
We need a way to delete the free demos, sdk or free games from library


omfg they need to fix this… it’s this kind of absolute garbage that makes me use steam 99% of the time, and refuse to buy anything through epic unless i absolutely cannot get it else where

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I love knowing that there are people who, like me, are quite uncomfortable having something they don’t need. I want to delete games that were experimental at the time or that I just don’t like and don’t want to see in my library, is that so difficult to do?

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Thanks, simple fix to what I wanted to accomplish; not see the games I have uninstalled in my library.

Every week you can add a new game to your library but still you can’t remove any? This launcher is really lacking essential features…