Wanna make tutorials, need some ideas!

Hey guys!

I’m in the mood to make some tutorials, but need some tutorial ideas in the first place… seems all the good ones are taken already!
The only ideas I have:

-Dialog System
-Modular Building System

So yeah, let’s get some ideas flowing!

I did a small project that implemented Flocking Behavior.

The project download is in the video description. Its quite messy but very simple and easy to understand.

Its all in Blueprints.

They are just Actors modifying Velocities, the flocking is all custom.

please do first person shooter with aim down the sight… there are very few tutorials about ADS in unreal engine :frowning: , use weapons from blendswap… sockets… blend camera, recoil etc.

and if possible do a full multiplayer fps with ADS, with steam or nonsteam


he doesnt have aim down the sight/blend camera yet… his game will be based on hipfire with no character movement and different types of AI

CTF game mode, Blueprint

Im currently in the process of building a comprehensive Shooter style GameTypes marketplace package. It includes CTF as a GameType among other classics you can find in games like Call of Duty, BattleField, Counterstrike etc etc.

Thought of something that requires a bit of thinking. Network Supported version of Simple move to location.

Animation is always a hot topic. I’d love to see some practical examples/walk throughs on FK/IK, blend spaces and even on the newer stuff that’s coming like anim dynamics!