wanna make C4 sound tense


I’d like to make a soundcue which contains continuing beep sound.
(simple example. beeping sound of C4 in CSGO)
In a specific time, I wanna make continuous beeping sound but it goes to higher and more frequently.

I knew the concatenator node in soundcue capable to play sound one by one.
So I put these waves and nodes to concatenator.

(1)beep -

(2)beep - delay 2 - loop 10

(3)beep - delay 1 - loop 10

(4)beep - delay .3 - loop 5

I wanna make this play 1-2-3-4 but… it doesn’t work properly.

please help anybody knows bout this problem

You have to do it in BP. Can you explain a little better. How many beep sounds do you have. When you say higher, do you mean in volume or pitch?

If you use a beep sound with this BP, it will gradually speed up:

Thank you for commentary. i didn’t reallize the setting step i wrote looks sucks ;(

First of all, my goal was that setting this up and it works in sound cue by itself.
I tried to make tense c4 sound by one beep sound but using sound cue nodes…
If i’ve done w/ the interval set, then I was supposed to think about the pitch.

Anyway thanks for help! and BP as well. I’ll try with that!

I get what you mean, but the problem with the sound cue manipulation is that you can’t set the timing on a loop.

With the above you can put it on a custom node and call it when you want.

If you do use it, I can make it change pitch also if you like…

( and I can make it do exactly what you specified, but tell me if you want that… )