Wanna help me make a FPS game that takes place in Iceland?

First time posting here.
I am Icelandic and have had this idea for a long time, but it has remained impossible financially for an indie/hobbyist, because you MUST have the textures created right, the light is so weird back home. Quixel has now released their Icelandic pack and it looks exactly like back home. Iceland also sounds different, it’s clearer and more transparent to hear a car drive there than elsewhere. The sounds are crisper, like wheels on roads, birds chirping, water sounds, it sounds different and I want it realistic. It is tempting to recreate an actual Icelandic location, but I will prefer to create a make-believe Icelandic town and nature because it’s much faster and because war may not take place in actual Iceland. We do not allow for that.
I would act as a main producer/designer and landscape/nature/audio worker.
I will not come near blueprints, animations, modeling or any props, particles etc.
The game itself will be the gathering of the best gameplay from other games. We can go wild and have it a 3rd person and a 1st person when aiming. I am only interested in recycling the very best parts of other FPS, and then do better on their flaws.
I have limited time and would like to work with people that treat this as a hobby, but with the aim of making the coolest FPS over time. Even if it takes five years, it’s ok. It’s something I want to attend when I can.
To begin with, the idea is to take full advantage of free assets from around the internet, invent drag and drop pipelines, and prepare the level design so well, there will be almost no work left than enjoying creating the world. I am VERY interested in procedural everything, to save time.
Let me know if you’re interested.
Viking Dude.