Wander:Rebirth is available on Oculus!

Wander:Rebirth is a proud VR production of
our company, as of today it is available on Oculus; And its release on Steam
and Viveport are both scheduled for next week.

For the moment, the Oculus version of
Wander:Rebirth can only be played using traditional controller, thus many motional
control functions in the game are not yet available. But our development for the
Oculus-Touch function is underway, and by then the players will be able to fully
enjoy our Wander:Rebirth using Oculus-Touch.

However, the Steam and Vivport versions of Wander:Rebirth
are fully in cooperate with HTC VIVE’s control handles, which will bring
players the ultimate experience of Virtual-Reality.

On behalf of the development team, we are sincerely
thankful for all the help and support given to us by the EPIC. It is only
because of their great development tool, which allowed us to develop our product
under the circumstances of limited recourse.

We will also like to invite everyone who
enjoys VR to enjoy our product.