Wander Harvest

Does anyone know how to make a dino wander harvest? (like a bigfoot or monkey does)? I’ve tried every combination of the various “enable wander harvest” options I can think of. I’ve tried looking for tutorials - the only one I found does not work. Does it require graphing?

For reference, I’m trying to make a Jerboa gather seeds automatically. I have a working damage type - I tested it by making a copy of a sickle. I can use my test sickle to gather seeds and only seeds, just like I want. The Jerboa, with wander harvest enabled, goes up to a bush and plays the animation (I chose the eating montage.)

However the bush does not get destroyed and the jerboa gathers nothing. It just sits there and plays the animation.

AFAIK the wander harvest doesn’t actually technically harvest anything, it just adds x amount of x item over time. At least that what it seems like with the monkeys anyway

Well, when I release monkeys into the same test area as I’m setting Jerboas in, the monkeys go to bushes, cause particles to fly from them, and eventually destroy them as berries show up in their inventory. Also, I copied the Monkey BP and applied my seeds-only damage type, and it worked as intended. But for some reason the Jerboas just can’t do it. There has to be an element of this that I’m missing…

Update: I changed my test monkey’s mesh and animations to a Jerboa’s, without changing anything else. The “monkey” was no longer able to harvest. So it’s something to do with the Jerboa mesh? Maybe sockets are important?

I’ll update again if I find a way to make it work, I guess.

Never noticed they actually harvest stuff. Then again I haven’t actually played ark other than to test stuff in over a year. And yeah sound like it may be a socket issue then