Walrus animation render in Unreal Engine 4

Walrus was modelled and animated by me for an old project for “Dar studio”. []

I decided to try to render it with Unreal’s Movie Rener Queue

Muscles, fascia, fat and skin simulations were made with Ziva VFX in Maya then converted into Skeletal Mesh with animated Morph Targets.
Grooming with Peregrine Yeti.
Water splash with Maya Bifrost and then imported in UE4 as Geometry Cache.
Environment was made with Megascans.
Rendered with RTX2070.
And a little bit composing in Nuke.

Sound design was made by Andrew Pilippov. []


Bones + Muscles = Nightmare Fuel.

Well done!

Lovely character :smiley:

Animation, texturing. environment, audio, bref, all is amazing!

Amazing work! This needs to be showcased . . superb work! Shared it on LinkedIn

Everynone, Stevelois, Artist_Cafe thank you a lot !!!

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