Walls and doors...


In my game I have building functional. Now I faced with question - how to make doors/windows in walls?

In this video described, how to make it with BSPs. But in my game walls are Blueprints with StaticMeshActors and method with Subtractive BSP doesn’t work for them.

Another way, that I see - to spawn BSPs for walls, not StaticMeshActors. But how to spawn them in blueprints and how to access materials of the spawned walls BSPs?

Or may be there are another ways for dynamical walls/doors/windows building?

Thank you!

You’ll have to replace some of your static mesh actors with new static meshes that have doors/windows built into them. The starter content has a few samples. For example: Wall_400x400, Wall_Window_400x400, Wall_Door_400x400. They are all walls that measure 400x400 and one is just a blank wall, one has a doorway, and one has a window.

If you’re not using the starter content, then you’ll need to export your wall mesh to a 3D application like Maya or Blender to add a door or window that way.