Wallrun mechanics: adjust camera angle & movement mechanics

hey everyone!

I’m trying to figure out some awesome wallrun / parkour movement mechanics & I’m sure you guys can help me out. I found a wallrun template from sneh in the ue forums, which works like a charm, but i would like to improve some of the mechanics. but, to be hoenst, I just started working with ue4 ( coming for unity), so please go easy on me :wink:

so, the sneh blueprints are working with the standard fps template in ue4, “installing” is quiet simply. But I would like to add 2 things to the wallrun mechanics:

  1. adjust the camera while “running on wall”. I would love to lean/tilt the camera with f.ex. 15° angle while running on the wall, similar to games like mirrors edge & co. It supports a better “feeling” while running. please don’t mid the camera shake in the blueprint screenshots below, I added it for testing.

  2. wallrun “active”: as far as I understand the blueprint, right now it’s something like: it checks if the player hits the wall in a certain angle, starts the wallrun behavior and changes the player gravity (?), then after the wallrun timer stopped, wallrun is deactivated. the problem is, if my timer-time is too long vs a too short wall, the gravity setting is still active and I’m floating in midair till the timer-time is over. any solutions?

her are some screenshots of the blueprint:

and here’s the original forum thread with the blueprint file:
[Unreal Tournament Forum Downtime][6]

thanks for any help!

I cant seem to make the wall dodge thing working :confused: Im using the 3rd person BP

Updated link: